Books by Sri Aurobindo – the powerhouse of Indian intellect
Sri Aurobindo was not only a saint and philosopher. As an author also, he achieved a wide reputation and prestige across the world. His books on Indian wisdom, poetry collections, Savitri especially, and many other works on philosophical and spiritual topics that we often find perplexing are very popular. This thread is for readers who enjoy reading Sri Aurobindo. Whatever thoughts you have about Aurobindo as a writer and his books, pour in those and let's begin a meaningful dialogue about this gigantic pillar of Indian English literature. 

Initial thoughts: Sri Aurobindo, perhaps, is the best person to read for anyone who wants to understand India and Indian (in wider contexts). He translated ancient Indian texts, Hindu epics from Sanskrit, and many other languages including Bengali. He simplified the treasure of Indian spirituality for the world through his writings. And not only that, additionally, he also included many things in his work we can easily classify as contemporary in his times. This creative and intellectual amalgam of knowledge and creativity makes Sri Aurobindo one of the best representatives of Indian wisdom. 

Beginners can begin by reading his works on Yoga. Those interested in poetry can start with his initial poems. 

Let's discuss it! Smile

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