Have you read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? What's your opinion on this novel?
Pride and Prejudice is an English literature classic. Have you read this novel by Jane Austen? How did you find this book? What's your view? What would you tell someone if the person wants to read this book? What's the special thing about this Austen classic? Let's discuss and share your thoughts.

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Jane Austen
Born in 1775, December 16
Famous Books: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion 
Known for: Irony, Wit, Sarcasm, Social Realities 
Death: 1817, July 18
Additional Resource: Jane Austen 

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I have read this classic novel three times. The first introduction was during my BA in English literature. However, that was rather a compelled read. I did not find myself in a position to enjoy the work because I had to study it... to score good marks. I re-read the novel once I completed my MA and found a job. Austen's novel is a wonderful gift for those who understand the importance of good works of literature. Many say Pride and Prejudice is a powerhouse of irony and sarcasm. Well, I can say the same. However, Pride and Prejudice is more than a stock of irony and sarcasm. The novel has life, romance, wit, social realities, timelessness, and a beautifully achieved linguistic rhythm that only Austen could do. I would suggest anyone who is looking for something sensible and also with a tag of classic must read this novel.
Pride and Prejudice will remain a forever mark on my mind! I truly enjoy reading this novel whenever I want to. I have also watched three movies based on this work by Austen. Yes, let me put it straight if anyone does not enjoy the linguistic richness and slow speed that allows fiction to unfold itself with all its dimensions, Pride and Prejudice might disappoint on such occasions. It has to be enjoyed. It has to be observed. However, at the same time, if someone does not want to read it after the first few chapters, they are free to do so. Everybody does not have the same taste, after all. So, try reading the first few pages, and then make your decision.
Students from a literature background or readers who have read more than 100 hundred novels – I doubt if these people did not read Pride and Prejudice. It is a novel that will cross one's path. It is almost inevitable. However, once you are beyond the social themes of England in the Romantic age, and themes of love and courtship, there is hardly anything that Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen provides. It is a prolonged thesis of confusion and chaos between two headstrong persons – Elizabeth and Darcy. The slow events, as indicated by a reader earlier, might take a toll on readers who have become accustomed to reading fast novels. Anyways, it is still a classic because many people say so. I am on the side that advises reading a work before judging or believing a judgement. So, anyone should read Pride and Prejudice for oneself!
I don't want to crash the party... however, let me put it in a formal manner. Jane Austen's novels, albeit all of her works, often circle around themes of marriage and courtship. Characters come together, friction, bonhomie, confusion, love, all's well that ends well! I admire Pride and Prejudice for its rich language, as many would say. However, I just don't find it readable more than once. Once you finish reading it, you are done. You get the story and you get the fun. Re-reading it just on the whim of reading a classic is not justified to me. For new readers, as someone suggested, first try reading it. If you like what you see on the first few pages, you can go on. It might seem boring and tedious at times. A short attention span does get the brunt. But, Austen's writing, loaded with decorations and embellishments of linguistics, may often be overdone for new readers.

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