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Full Version: Share the book you are reading now!
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Hello reader!
Let's begin the journey with India Book Club Forums by sharing the book on your reading desk right now. What is keeping you busy? What are you reading? Who is the author? How did you discover the book? Come on! Let's get going.
Hello all!
My name is Paridhi Gupta. I love reading fiction by contemporary authors. Right now, I am reading Ashwin Sanghi's The Krishna Key. He is one of my favourite authors now. I would love to discuss his works with other readers here. Smile
Hello all!
My name is Vedant. I am from UP. I am reading the books by Sri Aurobindo these days. I liked the intellect and wisdom that Sri Aurobindo offers. I was searching for some platform to talk about books I read. I found this one. I think it has been redesigned or renovated. I am looking forward to be a part of this online book club.
Hello guys... I am reading Suryakant Tripathi Nirala these days. I love his writing style. His poems are deeply philosophical and devotional most of the times. Would love to discuss the same here with other readers.