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RE: Introduce yourself and your books!
Dear readers, before we post anything else and begin discussing our books with others, let's get to know each other. You can share about yourself and also what are you reading right now. It will help others know you and your reading choices better. Let's begin it, then! Smile
Hey guys!
My name is Alok Mishra. I am a very curious reader who rather strives to getting along the trends in English literature. I just finished many books. One of them was Janardan Talbot by Mohan Timmaraju and one more was Ravi Dabral’s Greed Lust Addiction. These two books were just amazing and that’s why I am mentioning them here.
Hello everyone! My name is Ankit. I love reading books by Indian authors and I am currently reading all the books by Ashwin Sanghi. His titles are far better than any other Indian novelists writing in English, so far.
Hi, I am Amit. Currently, I am reading spiritual books.
Hello guys... I am Anivesh. I am a student pursuing my post graduation degree. I love reading books by contemporary authors. Yes, I do like reading romance at times. However, in the long run, I love reading serious works by serious authors.
Hello everyone! My name is Lucky Ahuja. I am from Jaipur. I am a regular reader of Indian fiction. But I also like reading novels by famous international authors of repute. I like works by J. K. Rowling the best among them. Fantasy and thriller novels are something I love reading. In India, Amish Tripathi fascinates me.
Hi Guys, I am Shantanu. I am from Patna. I have done my graduation in English literature and I love reading classic novels. Currently, I am reading novels by George Eliot.
Hi Everyone, I am Simran from Delhi. I am a regular reader of contemporary novels. In these days, I am reading works of Khalid Hosseini.
Hello everyone, I am Subhash from Gujarat. I am a student of Sociology but take a deep interest in literature. Right now, I am reading sports biographies of some great sportsmen.
Hi Guys, I am Tarun. I have done my post-graduation in English literature and currently, I am pursuing M.Ed. I love to read Victorian novels. Currently, I am reading a great work of Charles Dickens named Hard Times.

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