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Novels by Chetan Bhagat
Hello readers! This thread is dedicated to the writings of Chetan Bhagat. Readers who have read or have an interest in reading the novels by Chetan, they can discuss issues, opinions, and criticism related to him here. India Book Club will monitor and if necessary, our admins will indulge to provide their opinions. Happy Talking!
One thing about the writing of Chetan Bhagat is very unusual that I have found out after reading too much of him. His novels have taken a downward slope. His first novel was good enough. Then his second novel was just good. Third novel was not good. Fourth novel was bad and then deterioration begins... How many of you might agree?
Chetan Bhagat has paved the way for the new authors. His style of writing changed the perception of being a scholar all the time. He presents normal stories in ordinary language that even a normal reader can understand his words.
There is no doubt that Chetan Bhagat has revolutionised the writing industry in India in the recent past. He influenced many new authors to write. His ideas and views are pretty simple and he presents a normal story which a reader can easily connect with their life.
His novels are typically based on love and romance. It does not provide an idea in conclusive way rather in fragmentation. His novel One Indian Girl is totally based on his fantasy but framed and coined it as it is all about an Indian girl. His other novles also follow the same pattern of being boring, dull and unimaginative.
Chetan Bhagat has done one thing pretty clear. If you have enough money you can be a best seller author with some marketing skills.

I will like to recall one of his work. He has written half girlified. I think that's his best work, other works written by him are useless and does not provide any idea to the readers. Half Girlfriend touches some real issue about the hypocrisy of modern society. It depicts the dilemma of modern society that hangs between pride and prejudice.
Half Girlfriend is somewhere at a place that can be said to be popular. Other novels by him follow the same pattern and just try to fuse almost anything with spicy sex. How and when and how much - like One Indian Girl. It does not make sense - repeating your ideas every now and then...
I agree with the point made by Rahul here. Chetan does not provide much space for readers to look for something new. He rather pulls out the same rabbit out of his hat every time he tries to do a different magic trick. Which is, to be honest, mundane and mundane only!

In the beginning, he rose to fame and he is still reaping that what he sowed - fancy in the mind of young readers.
Chetan Bhagat is a noted contemporary Indian writer. He has written several novels and enormous articles in reupdated newspapers. His style of writing is pretty easy and he never deals issue with complexity. His language is simple so every reader ca understand. He is the perfect supplier of what young India wants in a novel.
His style of writing has changed the conception of Indian authors.

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