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    Hey guys!
    Welcome to the India Book Club forums. Great to see you all here. Please take a little time to introduce yourself. It will help people from other regional clubs knowing you guys better.

    On mission #ReadBetter

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    This is the bookclub from Kolkata and it’s nearby places. Kolkata being one of the most famous literary hub in India, we as the members of our club aim at joining readers across Bengal together, no matter what their reading choice be. Happy reading!

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    Very excited to be a part of this club . All the best to all of us .

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    I love reading and i am happy to be a part of this book club.I wish that it turns out to be a huge success.

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    Hi this is Arundhati. I love to read and try to read every genre. Excited to be a part of this. Hope I can be of some help. All the very best to us *Fingers crossed*

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    Hi this is Suman Bhattacharjee. I try to read every genre. My favourite book is Sherlock Holmes series. I am very much excited to be a part of this. All the best to every member of Bengali Bookhoppers

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    All i want is to read some nice books and discuss my thoughts with like minded people,and this group will be the best platform for every book lover like me.Reading,discussing,speculating and providing feedback is what i want from my fellow members.Thank you for counting me in.

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    This is Debolina Datta.
    I love to read. Romance is my favourite genre but I do love thrillers and Classics.I look forward to knowing people who share my love for books.

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    Argh Chakraborty. I admire complications, in all forms. May it be a political or a humanly situational issue or a mathematical solution or a space related sci-fi time and relativity sort of complication. I believe everything and everyone who might seem very simple and whose traits perfectly fit to the definition of simple, are also severely complex when magnified. (Especially if you think the way i do.).
    I look forward to the book club meetings, and to realise the true potential of a get together of a varied set of learned minds.
    Best of luck to all of us.
    May the force be with you

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