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    We can talk about the books to be launched here. The readers who are waiting for some book or want to share about the books which are about to be released can share their opinions here. It will help other readers in making up their mind whether to go for the book or not.

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    There are a lot of upcoming books I have been waiting for. But the top priority was given to Indicting Goliath. I was eagerly waiting for this book. Because the way a single person taking on entire USA major officials. A man from India has been imprisoned for many years and treated so badly. This one is really a nice book to read about the intellectual bankruptcy in the backyard of USA.

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    It’s really interesting that book by Lal Bhatia has been launched. Such a good book about how the government tries to create hegemony in common people. But hats off to all Bhatia who exposes the corrupt official without any fear. What kind of punishment he has to suffer everything is described in this book. Exposed them with full evidence.
    Now waiting for the second good book elephant in the room. Probably this book is going to be launched on the 15th of August. What a good occasion to read this book on the launching date.

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    Hey guys, how many of you are waiting for thriller books? I know an upcoming novel by author Suraj Laxminarayanan – Elephants in the Room. The book is really amazing and it tells the story of a bank robbery which gets to a new level altogether. Just fantastic by reading the early reviews on Goodreads.

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    Hi Arundhati, I do know about the book and I also read about the author Suraj Laxminarayanan on different websites like Literature News and the Indian Authors. The book seems promising and the author website tells that it might be released on 15th of August. I do love reading thriller and crime novels and I will certainly go for this bulk!

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    I have read Lal Bhatia’s Indicting Goliath! The book is really awesome and it tells the story of an individual who suffered a lot but did not give in! Indicting Goliath also unmasks the USA which boasts to have an eye for human rights and equal opportunity of justice for all but actually turns out to be like a state for the mighty ones and the weaker ones have to suffer!

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    Hey Gavin, I really like the pretext to Elephants in the Room and also appreciate the article written about the author on these websites. However, how can you convince that the author, who is an engineer just like Chetan Bhagat, will be different? Do we have any beta readers who have read and reviewed the book? Anyone here, please?

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    Hi Ramonit, I have read the book. I am a blogger associated with Indian Book Critics and I have received one copy of the book in advanced. Let me tell you, the book is really fantastic and it has a very exciting plot which only runs to cover a four-day period in the novel… the robbers, the bank, the real robbers, different set of emotions and the conclusion… everything has been covered with vividity and I am sure Suraj’s writing and the suspense of Elephants in the Room will certainly excite you! Do go for this book once it’s launched!

    I blog for Indian Book Critics

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    Certainly, this book elephant in the room is really awesome. As I was reading some interesting reviews on Goodreads. I can assume that this book is going to steal the show. The interesting plot and thrilling events. Robbery and many more things. I will surely like to read this book.

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    There are a lot of books are coming in the upcoming days. In my honest opinion, every book owns a different speciality that cannot be compared to other. As the discussion was going on this form. I checked and found that ‘elephants in the room’ is really a good book.
    And I am eagerly waiting for this book. As confirmed by the author the book was launched on 15th of August.
    I can not wait to read this awesome book.

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    when it comes to reading the novels I prefer those novels who has something to offer to the readers. IF they fail to deliver any message then certainly those are not so good to serve their purposes.
    Recently, I found a novel that is way different than the modern ones. A novel by Ananda Karunsesh titted ‘ A thousand seeds of joy’. The novels show the ideas on a deeper level and let us feel the joy of reading.

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    At last, I find a book that has given me the reading pleasure. Full of thrill, suspense and true incident. Yes, I am talking about a famous book Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia.
    This book is making his presence felt by the style of his writing and the events discussedd in this book.

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    There is so much cheer for a wonderful upcoming ‘the elephants in the room’ by Suraj Laxminaryan.
    Everywhere there is something written about this book. That’s why I am excited to read this book. Someone told in this forum that book has been launched on 15the August. But I got to know that book will be launched in September.
    Really interested to read this book. An awesome book with thrill and suspense.

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