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    Hey readers, what are you reading right now? Please share the book name and a few reasons to read it so that other readers can share the interest and keep the discussion board engaged.

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    Honestly, I am reading only a few books in these times. I am reading books of George Eliot!

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    These days its summer holidays and I am reading books of John Locke.

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    Currently, I am reading the books of Victorian novelist one of my friends recommended this to me.

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    Reading is a habit for me I cant live without this. Wherever I am, does not matter I will always look for the books. Currently, I am learning history and reading some of the best book available in the field.

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    Currently, I am reading Stephens Hawinf=g’s book A brief history of time.

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    Reading is a habit for me. In my spare time I use to read lot of books or you can say I try my best to find out spare time for reading books. I prefer all kind of books.
    Currently I am reading books of moder novelist such as Agatha Christine.

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    I am reading spiritual books. Now I am at that age where everyone loves to read spiritual books. Reading these kinds of books always provides me with a kind of solace. It might be wondering if a thread can be made hee dedicated to spiritual books only. It’s hard to find these kind of common places on the internet where you can discuss about these books.

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    A nice question raised by you. We as veterans always in search of peace and solace and spirituality is the only way to find it. When we will have a thread specially for this then we can discuss with other people and can easily enhance our knowledge and strength.

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      I think there is a thread about spiritual literature already on IBC. We can discuss spiritual literature there.

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    And by the way, I am myself reading a spiritual book these days – A Thousand Seeds of Joy by Ananda Karunesh. This book, as the author says, has been written based on his talks with Goddesses – Lakshami Ji and Saraswati Ji. So far I have liked the book and I am sure it will continue this way.

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    These days are good for me. I got a book from my friend A dowryless wedding by Merlin Franco. Such a good book that explores the technicality of the dowryless wedding. I am busy reading this book these days.

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    Reading maketh a full man conference a ready man and writing an exact man. It’s the time to read Bacon. I have no options to skip him because his book is in my syllabus.

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    I have been reading Sikkim in my Love Story… a short story collection written by Narsing Nirzat and I find this book very classy in tone. A little lengthy because short stories are rather long but yeah, I do like it! Anyone else? Tried this book?

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      Yeah! I have read this book already. I bought this one after reading a very pleasant feature story on this book. The book is good but yes, as you said, the short stories are a little longer than usual ones. But, overall, the book is very good to read. It has 9 short stories and all of those are really good. The story of the author’s parents is especially my favourite one! Here is the link to that article on Literature News – Sikkim in my Love Story

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    There have been books on my desk. But currently, I am reading a great book by Lal Bhatia Indicting goliath. After listening so many talks about this book from the different platform I have decided to go for this book. This book is really awesome the way the author exposed the USA is really amazing. Their boast and heraldry have been defamed by the prooved charged by the author. I am reading this book and I am enjoying it very much.

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    I am currently reading Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia. This book is a controversial one and it has many sheds of many colours. I have also seen people discussing the same on India Book Club.

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    A Chronicle of a Death Fortold : By Gabriel Garcia Marques

    The only reason to read this book is the author’s name. I had read his best work “One hundred years of solitude” and it still remains on my top must-read list. This story, which tells an event is a mysterious way that only Marques would be able to. The book is only on 120 pages and anyone can have a try with this masterpiece.

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