India Book Club is a mission for promoting serious reading interest as well as creating a better society based on the better reading. We envision becoming a pan-India movement with the help of our members, associates and partners. Willing people can join any of the regional branches of India Book Club in their location or can start one if there are none of our branches there. Joining this book club isn’t difficult. You just need to write us a mail and we will link you with the respective leader of the regional branch which suits best to you.

Why join a book club?

Why do people join a club? The simple answer would be to meet like-minded people who share the same interests. Likewise, the purpose of India Book Club is to unite the readers online as well as offline. People who want to read good books and then talk about these good books with fellow readers, always look for a platform where they can do so. India Book Club will provide the same to the serious readers who want to transcend merely reading books to enter a new vista of discussions, talks and serious pleasure of collective reading.

Who can join India Book Club?

Anyone, if the answer is to be kept within a single word! Anyone who takes delight in reading is most welcome! Irrespective of your profession, age, thoughts, political inclination, religious inclination, or any otherwise case, if you are interested in reading and talking about books with fellow readers, you can join our book club.

How to join the readers club?

You can simply write a mail to us at [email protected] and we will connect you with the leader of your region. There might be or might not be a small fee for joining the club as per the region’s policies. Even if there is a fee, that’s as low as 100-200 Rs a year only!

Want to start a branch of India Book Club in your region or locality?

We always welcome such good gestures. We will provide with all the necessary information, resources and other things in order to get a book club started under our banner. You can let us know if you have such wish at [email protected]