India Book Club is a literary movement which aims at uniting the serious readers. We want this movement in ‘reading’ to spread across the country and we need your support. Please join the readers’ club if there is one of the branches of IBC in your region or create one and lead it to success. We will help you with everything we can.

Why did we create India Book Club?

We have constantly felt that there are the people who don’t want to end their association with books or with book lovers. To serve as a platform for them, we have come up with this pan-India movement. With IBC, the readers will continue reading as well as making it fun and serious at the same time with so many other readers joining their team.

How do we operate?

We operate online as well as offline. On the website forum, the members can participate in their regional clubs’ discussions, get updates about the meeting dates and be informed about the reading lists and giveaways. As of the offline, the leaders of book clubs in different regions decide how often the meetings will take place. It might be monthly or it might be once in two months. In the meetings, the members talk about the books they have finished reading as per the reading list. There are discussions, talks, debates and interaction. Nothing like cosy clubs takes place where people come around, shake hands, wine and dine and leave! We always ensure serious engagement among the readers.

What’s our vision?

We look forward to making a pan-India association of serious readers who want to carry the message they receive from the book they read once the reading ends. Our philosophy is clear – create a better breed of serious readers who let others know what serious fiction looks like.

Who are we?

We are YOU! We are strangers very eager to be introduced! Initiated by some; fuelled by some; liked by many; taken ahead by many more… we are thriving! Come join the journey among books and everything about books.