The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter Review

The Elephant Chaser's Daughter: Reviewed
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One of the best debuts you surely need to read!

Not every book is worthy to be read and then, not every book is worthy to be critically read and rated. The books which carry higher values, only those books are worthy of serious reading attempts and I will share one such book with my readers today. Recently, I came across Shilpa Raj’s debut work, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter. This book, let me clarify, isn’t a book of fiction or some lighter nonfiction genre of self-help series which we often find in the market. This is a realistic work in the memoir genre which tells the story of the author herself. Shilpa Raj is not only the author, she is also the protagonist in the book. I will write the review of this book in a categorised way because it demands that. A serious book on serious issues should be done justice with a serious and comprehensive review as well.

The Theme: The Elephant Chaser’s Daughters is based on the theme which drives from the life and personal experience of the author Shilpa Raj. She has written what she has witnessed and experienced and the best part is that Shilpa has been honest in her narration. She did not hold back from offering an insider’s view into her life, her parents’ life and her family too. She has shared with the readers all that she could and all that the book would permit and for that bold decision of her, she deserves the credit!

“Moreover, Appa failed to be faithful from the very beginning of their marriage. Rumours were already circulating in the village that Appa was flirting with a woman who frequented the neighbourhood lake to wash clothes and bathe while he brewed liquor in the woods close by.”

Major Issues Raised: Shilpa Raj, like an author with some vision, has raised many issues in her book with an objective view. She has wonderfully moulded her personal life story into some metaphorical vessel which could contain anyone who could relate to the story. She has talked about feminism, caste-based discrimination, social injustice and also the emotional trauma which a person has to go through when he or she is isolated in the world. Seeing all these coming from a first-time author is nothing lesser than a pleasant surprise for any reader as well as book critic!

Takeaways from the book: The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter isn’t only about all the problems. Indeed, this memoir also serves as a motivation for all those who lack the spark in their life. Shilpa Raj, the daughter of a poor elephant chaser, wasn’t supposed to be educated and successful. Nevertheless, with a little helping hand from Shanti Bhavan, the charity school which educates one child from each poor family, she could do almost everything! She even goes to an extent to teach her father and mother. What is all this if not motivation?

Friends and readers, The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter will surely give you the pleasant moments and also the moments of serious thinking once you read the book! Get a copy now from Amazon and enjoy reading what the girl from the woods has to say to you. All the best!