Agile Readers’ Club Delhi: Meet 1

Clubs are more often remembered as some place with fun, fun and fun… Fewer are the instances when club meetings are held for some constructive, serious and productive purposes other than recreation. However, what can you expect with something with a ‘club’ as the suffix and ‘book’ as the prefix? Yes, the first formal meet of the Agile Readers’ Club in Delhi was held on 11 May 2017. Led by the club president, Nidhi Sharma, the meeting was attended by the members in which some of the presenters were – Aditi, Prakriti and Khushi and many more.

The major motive of the meet was inquiring about reading habits of the people and also getting to know what are the genres which are read most widely these days. The members of the club presented their ideas to others and the event passed on pleasantly with so many readers coming together and sharing their ideas, exchanging views on readership and many other aspects of book-reading in the contemporary times.

These type of meets will be organised by the Agile Readers’ Club in Delhi in future also. Though the readers are easily connected via the forum online, still, the offline meets are even more productive and pleasant.

If you are from Delhi, you can join this book club easily. Agile Readers’ Club is being run under the banner of India Book Club, a pan-India movement in literary sphere. You can also join our conversation online by signing up on our forums.

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