Interesting Book Posts for September 2017

Dear readers, we hope you have been reading and reading a lot the past days. For September 2017, we have done a little research and found some interesting posts which you might be liking. This idea of having a post each month with the links to most amazing book posts is new and we hope the response to this will be enthusiastic. We always want to ensure that the readers have something on their reading list. Just continuing the same and giving you the posts now:

September 2017 Reading List: A relatively new blog but their list is amazing! You will love this post with a reading list which contains only 5 books. You got 6 days for each and you have 5 amazingly chosen books on your reading list. Here you go:

Buy Books and Get Paytm Cashback: This is another amazing post we have collected from the web which offers you 5% extra cash back on the books you buy from their list. Not only that, you can also request any book you need to buy and they will give you the link to buy with extra 5 % cash back on your Paytm too! What more you need? Hurry:

Getting the benefit of your reading habits: Alok Mishra has written a wonderful post for the readers. You must read this post to understand the tricks which can help you get the most benefit of your reading hours. Here is the link to the post: Reading Habits & Benefits

Know more about Vidyapati: On this link, you can get some valuable information about the legendary Maithili poet Vidyapati.


We will keep bringing you the best links to authors, poets, books and general information posts on the web. Make sure you check the blog section of India Book Club regularly. You can also participate in our discussions by becoming a member of the different book clubs.

Happy Reading!